What you should know when preparing the design and construction of apartment interiors

In recent years the largest apartment in the city was built and mushrooming. On the other hand demand for life and desire for living space more beautiful, more personality led to a revolution in the interior renovation of apartments.
As companies operating in the fields of design, interior construction SPACE LIFE desire to share knowledge so that you have more experience in the renovation of their living space.

1. Clearly define the form of receiving and handing over apartments to guide the construction costs and appropriate approach. Currently on the market there are some basic handover plan as follows:

Crude handover (Unfinished tiling, ceiling, flooring ...)

This case is very reasonable when we have a designer and professional contractors. You can save up compared with sales prices that investors make. On the other hand can follow the personality and lifestyle of MNH, by architect will be free to write and design requirements.

Handing had complete and partial interior as kitchen cabinets, wall cabinets

This section also handed over is limited solely to design on the basis of available phanȠdo "fit in" in space

Complete handover of the apartment had interior

This is the perfect way, because we control the product before purchasing.

2. Style ɣhung residential interior design beautiful, should be built on a number of criteria with priority from top to bottom

- Your apartment building is designed in the style?. Its form also determined in no small part to the style of your canȠho, as this new identity both internally and externally. According to your personality

- According to the architect's advice

3. Choose architect interior design

There is currently no standard to measure the amount of giaȠchat an architect, on the other hand the market participants have a lot of design objects from longtime architect, to your newly graduated architect, or you students of architecture, art. Therefore you should catch one of the following criteria, to ȑua decision correct choice:

- Architects belongs company, organization, reputable enough for you to believe?

You can check this quite easily on the Internet through websites, or forums, and especially you should go directly to the company, because the main work space would say the ability to design, their creative .

- Architects with interior design experience it? Since architects are classified into sectors such as architects planning, construction, interior

- The professional interior designer to have reputable subcontractors, particularly in the design and construction should prioritize interior designer furniture factory, simply because the proportion of wood in the interior components accounting for 1 in large quantities.

- Recommend to go see the work they have done

4. In the process of interior design

After selecting the proper design I strongly recommend ɶa trust assigned to the architect has the right to actively composing your REQUEST.

You should follow these steps:

- Drawings interior space layout, this drawing will determine the majority of the use, the space is appropriate or not

-ȠLen Part plan space concept, this stage will help you visualize the space, materials, colors, lighting, landscape

- Technical Drawings will implement steps to concretize the concept, close to technical factors such as air conditioners, electric thɯai, internet, kitchen equipment

- Choose the color and material fact, this part is very important, only the architect new reality capable of accurate selection and decided to concretize the product design, on the other hand the selection process material choices also affect the cost of your home.

5. The procedures for interior renovation and repair of furniture

The apartment manager now go down to the professionalism and desire towards professionalism, all the repairs needed to comply with the regulations of the building management company in place, but usually you have to do the following items:

- Have a renovated v repair (this issue you can ask the architect kieɮ)

- The application for renovating repair

- Deposit, if any (depending on the regulations of the building)

- List of workers, to the card during the renovation construction

6. The note when conducting construction and renovation repair of apartments

- To minimize the renovated water supply and drainage systems, changing the position of the box techniques apartments

- Particular attention to fire warning system

- When renovating the toilets paving special attention to issues absorbent cɨong

- You can use the wooden furniture industry because humidity is not high and high buildings

7. Issues Product warranty service

The design and construction of the interior of your apartment worth not less so vaɮ product warranty is also very necessary attention and priority.

In the process of construction and composition work with a lot of problems inevitable, so the product warranty very happening. To ensure the rights, you should look to companies with uɹ credit and good service to ensure that you have the basis of trust in the operation later.

Instructions on how to choose the living room sofa to buy

Living room sofa with a variety of designs and a rich variety of contemporary styles with a lot of families are buying to pick hunt Lunar New Year and the new house.

Living room sofa usually include sofa, sofa table, sofa corner, sofa cloth, ...
Please specify the region is located between the living room sofa or in a corner. Between the type you need to select the type of long rectangular sofa 2 sides and 1 you in the middle. Type in the corner of the house, you should choose rounded or square seat sofa because it helps optimize your indoor area, help space more tidy and cozy.

A living room sofa with good quality because it's heavy solid frame made of hardwood and high safety material is stainless steel vacuum characteristics. Good sofa while sitting on feels smooth but not sunk. You choose the form of velvet sofa, you should choose less absorbent, less dust and less cling animal hair, good exposure to disinfect water. Also selected cowhide sofa format should choose cowhide true because it has a durable good and friendly with humans, especially children.

Choosing materials:
To keep your living room sofa durable, you should be interested in the choice of fabrics. Only a few seats detachment or tear will lose valuable couch. Therefore, avoid using high-maintenance fabrics, such as silk in the region is used regularly.

Suede is actually a good choice if you are looking for the long term. They are also very easy to clean and has many dye fashion. However, because the price is quite expensive, it is not commonly used.

Select a good position to put the living room sofa
If the sofa set in sand beneficial direction, homeowners will be safe and prosperous.
For homes in the east, sofa should be located in the direction of East, Southeast, South Main, North's main living room. This is considered a good 4 directions.
For homes west, sofa should be located in the southwest, the west, northwest and northeast of the living room.

However, when choosing living room sofa also note the percentage of space between the living room and the size of the sofa, if selected a large corner sofa placed in a narrow living room will impede the movement in the room, also a sofa bed in a space acres large is not reasonable layout.

Guide to purchase durable sofa

Frame certainly synonymous with reliability of the sofa. Frame made from softwood (information ...) are usually pretty cheap, but will be warping, buckling, shaken after about 05 years of use. The frames are made from more expensive hardwoods (oak passed kiln, ash ...) and make more efficient. The legs should also pay attention sofa. You should choose the type of foot snails, latches instead of only the gluing pins.
Tip: To check the hardness of the sofa frame, you pick up a foot or a corner try the front of the sofa. When you lift off the floor about 15cm, inside leg symmetry also left the floor. If, on the legs symmetrically still fell to the floor, which means the main frame.

Good structural frame is reinforced chassis, connect using one of the techniques: wooden dowel, double wooden dowel, wooden corner keys, or metal screws and reinforced with staples or nails added. Do not buy a sofa that is only reinforced by staples, nails and glue are not.
Tip: Ask the salesperson about the technical information of the manufacturer of the attachment frame.

Most sofas are springs or the duct system. The cap capthuong sofa or systematic springs knit by hand in 8 ways (eight-way hand-tied springs). Padded sofa inside only, no springs are often uncomfortable and agriculture.
Tip: Try to sit down in a corner or strong edges. When you heard the creaking, it means that springs were wrong or touching the frame.

Sitting on a chair trying to test the softness. If available seat bottoms and seat backs with good elasticity, feeling hollow, depression, loss and fatigue, it is a very good chair cushions. Polyurethane buffer layer is inexpensive, easy to preserve. The more durable type of padding you feel stiffer but as more use will soften over time. The cushions HR (high resilient) with high elasticity, the more expensive but more durable and more comfortable to use. Some manufacturers of goose or duck feathers for cushioning. This type of cushion for comfortable feeling of softness but has the disadvantage of being close to local or later.


With leather sofa type: Buy the sofa to watch the skin surface. Leather used to make sofas divided into 2 categories: cowhide and buffalo leather. If based on the place of production, there are types of domestic and imported types. The best leather is imported cow leather from Italy and Germany. This skin type matching requirements strict environmental protection, color, durability, elasticity and good ventilation, high mechanical strength.
With this kind of sofa fabric: seat and backrest seat must coalesce, made from the same cloth 1 long and the same thickness. You need to select the type of sofa with vertical and horizontal lines small, line, smooth, are each tip, no fibers sticking out. If you touch it only road surface, to feel powerful new strain should buy. If the sofa is decorated with the seam, you can also check the sewing decorative features including nasal symmetry varies by just not.

6. CHECK upholstery
You should check with adhesive upholstery and mattresses in closely overlapping layers or not, there is a flat and stiff or not. In particular, you should note that the upholstery section at the point of contact between the armrest, seat and backrest should be natural, not folds.

You do not regret the money if you've decided to buy a sofa. Brand production will chair the most important points for you to consider.
Brand reputation, quality will ensure more seats, the ability to correct low and time is also longer warranty than most other chairs.

Guide document cabinet office efficiency

Cabinet documents are indispensable furniture in the office workplace, as an archive of documents, records, important papers. Regardless of the activity in any field should also file cabinet to store office documents.

Filing cabinets and documents commonly used in the boardroom, and the department head of accounting and administrative ... So file cabinets diverse designed to suit each purpose, objects help improve productivity.

Guidelines for Choosing the best furniture current meeting

Office Desks Fami modern design with wood industry MFC
Currently Northern Furniture company offers a full range of quality materials such as cabinets: Classic office file cabinet, file cabinet ECO, ECO ALPHA ... In addition, we also offer interior products designs range from simple to complex suitable for all objects used, such as office desks, waiting benches, chairs hall ...

If you are an inexperienced buyer select the file cabinets below Furniture North would share how to choose religious office documents best support for their work.

Selecting cabinet office documents most effectively

Along with office desks, chairs the hall, file cabinets is an important furniture in the office. Based on the criteria that the North shared Furniture will help you with the selection from the document that best suits their work.

Based on the size of the cabinet office documents
Selection of file cabinets need to pay attention to the size suitable for room space while ensuring filing papers in the best way. The document clamp typically sized 34.5cm x 29cm x 7cm. So should refer to the information on file cabinet has decided to buy the smartest.

Based on the design
Based on the file cabinet designs to choose appropriate type of closet space and current job. There are many types of cabinets for your office documents, but design choices with diverse materials such as cabinets ECO, ECO ALPHA, CLASSIC ... At the same time based on the purpose of use to choose cabinets suitable for the nature of work .

Based on the color
Should choose cabinets are similar in color to the office desk to create the perfect interior space. But if you want to use as file cabinets highlight the select religious office documents with striking colors to create focal points.

Based on the material
Currently on the market there are nhie kinds of cabinets are made from basic materials such as wood and iron. More durable wood cabinets Metal cases but on the contrary is not beautiful and diverse needs cabinetry. Based on its intended use to choose the most affordable type of cabinets.

Through the above-mentioned share of the Northern Furniture can help you giving yourself the option cabinet office document best and most appropriate to support the work efficiency.

Come to Northern Furniture for advice guide selection luxurious furniture, modern, best for your office work with the most reasonable price today.

Design and choose furniture for the boardroom

To enhance the focus on efficient work it needed a suitable workspace. Director room furniture should be designed with appropriate color would express grave nuances of leadership, and be able to show flexibility and flexible definition of treatment.

Interior Design boardroom

Interior Design boardroom (table directors, directors chair ...) especially the color issue must be the most innovative design, to meet a need that has full operational capabilities for headquarters a company.

Desks director must be designed with a large table, a desk are also common side tables for computers, fax machines, printers, filing system ... Innovative in shape and coordination methods based conventional materials are luxurious wood color, along with the director's chair, kneeling chair high back leather, creating a nice work area and complete. To cater to the needs seating outside and internal exchanges, in addition to two lounge chair mounted front desk manager, should design a "small meeting room" - usually a round table with several high chairs or two armchairs.

In a space with a reasonable area, interior design manager's office can bring many benefits to its users in a space so beautiful and full of air power. Additional useful features like the coat suits hanging cabinets, shelves showcase television or medal. Materials made in this area are mainly selected from two materials is wood or carpet.

Both materials are always create a sense of solidity to the upper part of the architecture so often used quite homogeneous, all materials to color, harmony of warm colors and make sure that such claims power to a space of their respective owners.

Innovative design combines fami bulkhead but covered in translucent film prevents the inner space, simultaneously, bring efficiency spacious lobby area for external borders. Thus people working in the office there are separate world without creating a feeling ngǎn staff. Design details are carefully selected makeup with the same style and innovative ideas, can be a powerful green pots, a monumental painting on the wall, a desk lamp ...

Lighting design should ensure sufficient shimmering, enhance the beauty of each interior detail boardroom, but especially to ensure enough light to actually sit working area.