Guide to purchase durable sofa

Frame certainly synonymous with reliability of the sofa. Frame made from softwood (information ...) are usually pretty cheap, but will be warping, buckling, shaken after about 05 years of use. The frames are made from more expensive hardwoods (oak passed kiln, ash ...) and make more efficient. The legs should also pay attention sofa. You should choose the type of foot snails, latches instead of only the gluing pins.
Tip: To check the hardness of the sofa frame, you pick up a foot or a corner try the front of the sofa. When you lift off the floor about 15cm, inside leg symmetry also left the floor. If, on the legs symmetrically still fell to the floor, which means the main frame.

Good structural frame is reinforced chassis, connect using one of the techniques: wooden dowel, double wooden dowel, wooden corner keys, or metal screws and reinforced with staples or nails added. Do not buy a sofa that is only reinforced by staples, nails and glue are not.
Tip: Ask the salesperson about the technical information of the manufacturer of the attachment frame.

Most sofas are springs or the duct system. The cap capthuong sofa or systematic springs knit by hand in 8 ways (eight-way hand-tied springs). Padded sofa inside only, no springs are often uncomfortable and agriculture.
Tip: Try to sit down in a corner or strong edges. When you heard the creaking, it means that springs were wrong or touching the frame.

Sitting on a chair trying to test the softness. If available seat bottoms and seat backs with good elasticity, feeling hollow, depression, loss and fatigue, it is a very good chair cushions. Polyurethane buffer layer is inexpensive, easy to preserve. The more durable type of padding you feel stiffer but as more use will soften over time. The cushions HR (high resilient) with high elasticity, the more expensive but more durable and more comfortable to use. Some manufacturers of goose or duck feathers for cushioning. This type of cushion for comfortable feeling of softness but has the disadvantage of being close to local or later.


With leather sofa type: Buy the sofa to watch the skin surface. Leather used to make sofas divided into 2 categories: cowhide and buffalo leather. If based on the place of production, there are types of domestic and imported types. The best leather is imported cow leather from Italy and Germany. This skin type matching requirements strict environmental protection, color, durability, elasticity and good ventilation, high mechanical strength.
With this kind of sofa fabric: seat and backrest seat must coalesce, made from the same cloth 1 long and the same thickness. You need to select the type of sofa with vertical and horizontal lines small, line, smooth, are each tip, no fibers sticking out. If you touch it only road surface, to feel powerful new strain should buy. If the sofa is decorated with the seam, you can also check the sewing decorative features including nasal symmetry varies by just not.

6. CHECK upholstery
You should check with adhesive upholstery and mattresses in closely overlapping layers or not, there is a flat and stiff or not. In particular, you should note that the upholstery section at the point of contact between the armrest, seat and backrest should be natural, not folds.

You do not regret the money if you've decided to buy a sofa. Brand production will chair the most important points for you to consider.
Brand reputation, quality will ensure more seats, the ability to correct low and time is also longer warranty than most other chairs.