Instructions on how to choose the living room sofa to buy

Living room sofa with a variety of designs and a rich variety of contemporary styles with a lot of families are buying to pick hunt Lunar New Year and the new house.

Living room sofa usually include sofa, sofa table, sofa corner, sofa cloth, ...
Please specify the region is located between the living room sofa or in a corner. Between the type you need to select the type of long rectangular sofa 2 sides and 1 you in the middle. Type in the corner of the house, you should choose rounded or square seat sofa because it helps optimize your indoor area, help space more tidy and cozy.

A living room sofa with good quality because it's heavy solid frame made of hardwood and high safety material is stainless steel vacuum characteristics. Good sofa while sitting on feels smooth but not sunk. You choose the form of velvet sofa, you should choose less absorbent, less dust and less cling animal hair, good exposure to disinfect water. Also selected cowhide sofa format should choose cowhide true because it has a durable good and friendly with humans, especially children.

Choosing materials:
To keep your living room sofa durable, you should be interested in the choice of fabrics. Only a few seats detachment or tear will lose valuable couch. Therefore, avoid using high-maintenance fabrics, such as silk in the region is used regularly.

Suede is actually a good choice if you are looking for the long term. They are also very easy to clean and has many dye fashion. However, because the price is quite expensive, it is not commonly used.

Select a good position to put the living room sofa
If the sofa set in sand beneficial direction, homeowners will be safe and prosperous.
For homes in the east, sofa should be located in the direction of East, Southeast, South Main, North's main living room. This is considered a good 4 directions.
For homes west, sofa should be located in the southwest, the west, northwest and northeast of the living room.

However, when choosing living room sofa also note the percentage of space between the living room and the size of the sofa, if selected a large corner sofa placed in a narrow living room will impede the movement in the room, also a sofa bed in a space acres large is not reasonable layout.